Attraverso le scaffalature porta scatole, sacma offre ampie soluzioni le esigenzze logistiche dei clienti nell'ambito del picking manuale



From gravity systems to compactable ones, passing through traditional shelving structures, SACMA offers a wide range of solutions to meet all the logistical needs of customers in the field of manual picking.


  Scaffalature a ripiani per lo stoccaccio e movimentazione di carchi medi-leggeri, di varie dimensioni e pesi, adatto a qualsiasi esigenza




Shelf racks are suitable for stocking and moving medium-lightweight goods by hand.

The SACMA shelf racks make it possible to manage a vast assortment of wares either packaged or loose and in various weights and dimensions. It is a simple storage system, but very versatile which can be used in any sector and suitable for any need.

It is also possible to fully exploit the height of the premises by providing for multi-storey plants with walkways. 

  Sistema a gravità dellero si Sacma ideato per chi lavora con unità di varia forma e materiale, seguendo il criterio First in First out. Garantisce la gestione di un numero elevato di materiali



The light-weight gravity system is the ideal solution for those working with loads that can be moved manually (boxes, containers, small crates), in various forms and materials,  and would like the turnover of the supplies to occur automatically on the shelves, according to the criteria First In First Out (FIFO), so that a new container can automatically flow and replace the one removed.

This type of  warehouse  is suitable for managing a large amount of articles, with a special channel for every article in a relatively limited space.  This type of warehouse can be used in a wide range of fields:  mechanical, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, publishing, textile as well as assembly lines and  packaging.

The SACMA  light-weight system uses the solidity of the pallet rack joint system to support the inclined shelves for sliding, made by  framed wheel channels.

  Le scaffalature porta scatole compattabili sono ideali per la gestione di alti volumi con esigenza di accessibilità diretta a tutte le posizioni





Mobile shelving system is the ideal solution for handling consistent volumes of goods that need direct access to every location.

The SACMA mobile racks for boxes are developed with the combination of a mobile base on which the storage system with galvanized shelves is positioned.

This system is based on the use of electrically powered base frames which move on rails properly set into the floor. The mobile bases on which the rows of racks are set, slide on the rails creating, as they move, the access corridor desired by the operator.

  La scaffalatura porta scatole leggere sacma è ideale per altezze non eccessive, grazie alla modularità e ai diversi optional disponibili





The SACMA lightweight box shelving is a shelving design ideal for weights that are not excessive. Thanks to its modularity and the myriad of options available, it can satisfy all customers’ needs.