Quality under control

thanks to the integration of the entire supply chain in-house


All products are manufactured in the plant at Sandigliano with automated production processes and properly trained personnel. 

  •   Sacma utilizza acciaio certificato stoccato nei nostri magazzini realizzato nei nostri stabilimenti

Raw material and profiling


The structural steels, all with UNI EN 10204 certification from the producer, arrive at our plant in coils or bands.

The coil/bands of raw material are taken from the warehouse and the process of transormation begins.

The first phase occurs through a line of continuous profiling and pressing with numeric controlled machines that produce the necessary elements for the creation of the racks.

The resulting profiles go on to the next phase: welding.





The welding of the parts can occur either manually or automatically with very modern automated areas in MAG procedure with a continuous thread in a protected atmosphere.

The entire welding process is qualified according to UNI EN ISO 15614-1:2005 norms. The welders and the operators of the automatic processes are qualified respectively according to UNI EN ISO 9606-1 norm and to UNI EN ISO 14732 norm.

In addition, in observance of what is provided by the new Technical Norms for Constructions, Sacma has put into action and obtained certification according to UNI EN ISO 3834-2 norm.

All certifications have been issued by the Italian Institute of Welding.

All of the structural elements then go on to the last phase: the finishing.


  •   Sacma salda gli elementi con procedimento MAG a filo continuo in atmosfera protettiva. L'intero processo di saldatura è qualificato e rispatta le norme
  •   La fase finale è la finitura con vernici apposite con sistemi appositi ed essicazione al forno


Coating takes place using the electrostatic method through the deposit of epoxy powders in a special booth and subsequent drying in an oven.

For special applications there is also a galvanized finish of the steel structures either using the Sendzimir System or Hot-dip Galvanization after manufacture.

The finished product is obtained in this way after having passed the accurate final tests and then sent to the shipping warehouse ready for delivery to the customer by reliable and selected forwarders.



The installation of our structures is outsourced to specialized companies of the sector.

The collaboration is dependent on our procedures of internal qualifications which pay special attention to technical ability, the competence acquired for each type of plant and the respect for legislation regarding health and safety at the workplace.

For the latter, our company has always dedicated interest and resources, which have now been strengthened and implemented in order to comply with the dispositions of T.U. 81/08 of 09/04/2008.

The installing companies are monitored on two fronts: at the building site, where our managers act as supervisors and evaluate the correct application of the technical/operative methodologies, and also in the office where there is a strict check on the correct application of the social security norms and insurance procedures of each collaborating company.


  •   Sacma si occupa del montaggio dei propri impianti a cui segue una verifica interna e controllo del rispetto delle norme, sia in cantiere che in ufficio
  •   Sacma offre un servizio di manutenzione periodica, che consente in un sopralluogo di verifica ed eventuali servizi di rimessa a norma della scaffalatura


Periodic visits


Amongst the obligations expected by the Legislative Decree 9/4/2008 n. 81 and 3/8/2009 n. 106, art. 71, paragraph 4, shelvings are to be considered as work equipment and, thus, are subject to suitable maintenance in order to guarantee the permanence of the safety requirements over time and work equipment control registers are to be kept and updated.

SACMA offers a periodic maintenance service, consisting of an inspection to verify the state of maintenance and operational safety of the shelving, carried out by specialized personnel, throughout the national territory. The check is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the UNI EN 15635 standard "Steel static storage systems - Application and maintenance of storage equipment" in chapter 9 and its outcome is recorded at the end of the verification.

In this way, the legal obligations of control to be carried out at intervals not exceeding 12 months and the keeping of work equipment registers are fulfilled.

SACMA also offers, if necessary, the service of bringing the shelving back in compliance with standards, including the issuing of a Declaration of Conformity of the structures to the original project requirements.

In this way, the obligation to guarantee the permanence of the safety requirements of the work equipment over time is fulfilled.