Le scaffalature porta pallet di sacma offrono diversi tipi di soluzioni, da quelle più tradizioniali a quelle più evolute, ottenute grazie alla collaborazione con università italiane ed europee




SACMA offers various pallet rack solutions that vary according to the logistical needs of the Customers.


From satellite to drive-in, from traditional pallet racks to compactable ones, SACMA structures are the result of the evolution of years of experience and research on an internal basis and also thanks to collaboration with major Italian and European universities.

  Porta pallet tradizionale di sacma, ideali per gestione di merce pallettizzata. Ottimo punto d'incontro tra prestazione, performance e costi di installazione




The SACMA pallet rack is the ideal solution for managing  palletized goods with a  high number of product references.

Despite the simplicity of management and construction, the pallet rack remains a good warehouse solution providing an excellent meeting point between performance needs and installation costs.

A wide range of accessories, together with the various possibilities of handling goods, make the SACMA pallet holder suitable for storing load units of any type.

  Gli innovativi porta pallet satellitari di sacma, un'evoluzione del drive-in, sono in grado di gestire un grande accumolo di unità




Warehouses with SACMA satellites are innovative large accumulation warehouses for palletized loading units.

The satellite warehouse is characterized by a multi-depth structure served by a remote controlled satellite moved by traditional trolleys.

The satellite warehouse is, to all intents and purposes, an evolution of the drive-in as it allows to store a single reference with a high number of pallets in depth on each level, thus increasing the exploitation index of this structure.

  I sistemi porta pallet drive-in di Sacma sono ideali per lo stoccaggio, secondo il sistema Last in First out, di prodotti pallettizzati a lenta rotazioni, con numero di referenze limitato




The SACMA drive-in is the ideal solution for storage, according to the LIFO system, of homogeneous, slow-rotating palletized products with a limited number of references.

The drive-in system allows an exploitation of the available space pushed to the maximum possible values.

This characteristic makes it the most suitable technical solution for cold rooms.

  Il sistema porta pallet compattabile è ideale per gestione di grandi volumi di stock, con esigenza di accedervi direttamente a tutte le posizioni. Sicurezza garantita da un innovativo sistema di fotocellule



Powered mobile racks are the ideal solution for handling consistent volumes of goods that need direct access to every location.

The SACMA powered mobile racks were developed with the combination of a mobile base on in which the storage system is placed in one of the numerous typologies possible (pallet racks, galvanized shelves, cantilever). This system is based on the use of electrically powered base frames which move on rails properly set into the floor. The mobile bases on which the rows of racks are set, slide on the rails "creating, on movement, the access corridor desired by the operator. The safety of the operators during movement is guaranteed by a sophisticated system of photocells and protection sensors.

  Il sistema porta pallet a gravità pesante di sacma è ideale per gestire la rotazione automatica di carico pallettizzate e le zone di spedizione automatizzate




The SACMA heavy gravity, or pallet gravity system, is the ideal solution for managing the automatic rotation of palletized load units and automated shipping areas.

The SACMA pallet gravity system is made up of a traditional pallet racking to which steel roller sliding lanes are combined.

Mechanical systems control the descent speed of the load units which are adequately separated at the outlet to facilitate the picking operation which can take place either manually or automatically.

  Il porta pallet flow rail di Sacma è la soluzione ideale per gestire le unità pallettizzate a rotazione lenta con logica Last in First out




The SACMA flow rail is the ideal solution for managing load units on slow turnover pallets with the LIFO logic (Last In First Out).

Structurally it can be considered a drive-in to which "sliding" chains have been added with the purpose of allowing the movement of the pallets induced by the pick-up forklift. Thanks to this mechanism, contrary to the drive-in, storing and retrieving operations take place in the access aisles without the fork-lift truck actually "entering" the racks. Storage and retrieval take place on the same side and the pallet slides on inclined rollers.

  Il sistema porta pallet in contropendenza SACMA è la soluzione ideale per gestire unità di carico pallettizzate a lenta rotazione con logica LIFO (Last In First Out).




The SACMA counter-slope pallet rack system is the ideal solution for managing slow rotation palletized loading units with LIFO (Last In First Out) logic.

The pallets are placed on roller conveyors of variable depth. The system is loaded and unloaded from the same side, pushing the pallet that is present in order to make room for the one to be loaded.