For over 70 years

we have been designing, building and innovating

metal shelving

for warehousing and storage systems

Our extensive experience has allowed Sacma to aquire and implement over time a technical production know-how that allows it to efficiently deal with any problem related to warehouse logistics.

  Integrazione verticale, sviluppatato da Sacma in prima persona in tutte le fasi
Vertical integration

Sacma S.p.A. personally takes care of all phases, from design, to production, up to installation and maintenance. The head office has been in Sandigliano, in the province of Biella, since the start of the business!

  Sacma spa ha sedi in varie citta italiane, mettendo l'assistanza cliente tra le nostre priorità
Extensive assistance

We are present throughout Italy with branches in Milan, Padua and Rome as well as with a network of agencies on other regions. This allows us to quickly manage unexpected events or maintenance issues.

  La presenza di Sacma è a livello globale grazie all'elevata qualità delle nostre lavorazioni
Global presence

Sacma S.p.A. is recognized for its skills and quality even beyond borders, in which it operates thanks to a network of correspondents and authorized dealers.

Our success is rooted in our history

  •   Sacmpa spa nasce con la realizzazione di scaffalature di acciaio, per poi passare a sistemi brevettati ad incasto verticale e sistemi a gravità

Sacma was established in 1952 as an initiative of its Founder, Claudio Amosso, for the production of steel racks with perforated angle profiles and self-supporting shelves. Soon afterwards, the evolution of the sector brought about the demand for structures able to bear increasingly heavier loads and in 1964 Sacma developed a system of interlocking beams, patented by the owner, which was to become the basis of all future large storage systems.

The first revolutionary gravity systems were developed and built in Sacma where the static shelf was substituted by surfaces with rollers or wheels based on the principle First In First Out.

Since 1980 with the advent of new technology, Sacma has dedicated itself to the creation of automatic systems where the racks correspond to the precise requirements of the design, thus becoming an integral part of complex systems of automated logistics in the field of silo warehouses 30 metres in height or greater.

Today, after seventy years of commitment in the research and development of solutions capable of satisfying the needs and demands of every individual customer with the creation of over 25,000 storage plants, Sacma boasts a complete productive array: from ordinary structures (pallet racks, mezzanines, drive-ins, cantilevers) to more complex and sophisticated plants (powered mobile racks, gravity systems, automated systems with storage and retrieval crones, satellite systems, silo warehouses).

  •   Sacma passa alla realizzazione di magazzini automatici e di costruzioni compleassi sistemi logistici automatizzati autoportanti

Clear ideas that are always new!

  Sacma offers the best solution for every need
  • Customer

    Our philosophy is to offer our customer the best solutions without conditions or limitations thanks to our optimized turn-key service with maximum reliability at a low cost.

  Sacma offers low environmental impact solutions thanks to preventive studies
  • Environment

    We monitor the environmental impacts of our activities and systematically search for coherent, effective and sustainable improvement, according to UNI EN ISO 14001.

  Sacma promotes the principles of legality and transparency
  • Ethics

    We strive to promote the principles of legality, transparency, propriety and loyalty maintaining in both our internal and external relationships a standard company behaviour based on the fundamental values that govern ethical and juridical duties confirming our company as being reference point on the market