We design order, we build safety

We design order,
We build safety


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  For over 70 years we have been designing and building storage systems

For over 70 years we have been designing and building storage systems


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  The quality of Sacma systems starts from the design

The quality of Sacma systems starts from the design


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  Silo warehouses, Real building works

Silo warehouses
Real building works


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  Quality under control thanks to the integration of the entire in-house production chain

Quality under control thanks to the integration of the entire in-house production chain


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  Experts in logistics Warehouse builders

Experts in logistics
Warehouse builders


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  Adjustable pallet racks

Adjustable pallet racks
Customized solutions for every need


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 Automated systems. Optimal space, high efficiency in total safety

Automated systems.
Optimal space, high efficiency in total safety


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 We operate personally during all phases. This is the reason for which the quality of our products is in continuous growth

We operate personally during all phases.
This is the reason for which the quality of our products is in continuous growth


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  Clear ideas for goals that are always new

Clear ideas for goals that are always new


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Experience. Quality. Innovation.

Do you want to optimize space in an innovative way and in complete safety?
With Sacma you will find the solution that suits your needs and we take care of everything!

We directly take care of the design, installation and maintenance of our warehouses to offer the highest quality in total safety as well as providing an optimized "turnkey" service.

We have been operating in the warehousing logistics sector for 70 years gaining sufficient experience to allow us to safety every type of need related to the most diverse product sectors: from the simplest shelving, such as pallet racks, mezzanines, drive-ins and cantilevers, to the more complex compactable, gravitational, automatic, satellite and self-supporting systems.
  Who we are


We have over 70 years of experience and research in the design, production and installation of automatic and traditional shelving and warehouses.

We have built more than 25,000 plants, identifying and responding to the specific and logistical needs of our customers.

We have four offices in Italy and a network of agencies throughout the country and abroad.  



  How we work


At Sacma, experience and innovation guide every step of the process.

Our team of expert engineers use the best modeling technologies and constantly collaborate with universities and research centers for the evolution and "Design by testing" validation of the design and verification method. 




  What we do


Sacma deals with all the various phases in first person: from design, to production, to maintenance. 

The highly trained staff operates under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 controlled conditions.

Method and control, from the quality of the raw material to the production process and finishing, guarantee the globally recognized quality of Sacma. 



We design solutions, we build security.

Our goal is to provide a functional, safe and state-of-the-art system which we pursue by taking care of each phase personally with method and control.

  •   Magazzini automatici sacma, ottimizzazione delle gestione del magazzini in termini di tempistiche, organizzative e gestione merce


Automated systems allow the optimization of warehouse management in terms of timing, organization and management of goods.

The SACMA racking for automatic warehouses can accommodate load units that are homogeneous and fall within a wide range of types (trays, boxes, pallets, bins, tubes, etc.) Storage and retrieval operations are managed by the warehouse software which interfaces itself with the company management system and moves the goods using machines (stacker cranes, satellites, shuttles and elevators) according to internal flows and warehouse logistics. 



Silo warehouses are the result of engineering studies combined with important technologies, which make them actual buildings.

SACMA silo warehouses are very tall warehouses in which the racks, installed on a reinforced concrete platform, in addition to supporting the loads of the stored materials and the dynamic actions of the machines and any seismic events, also perform the function of supporting the roof and walls and consequently snow and wind loads. The vertical development of these plants significantly increases the actual volume with respect to the overall plant size, consequently reducing the area occupied in the plant itself with the same stocking capacity.


  •   Sacma Magazzini autoportanti, frutto di studi ingegneristici uniti a nuove tecnologie che li rendono edifici a se stanti
  •   Sacma Scaffalature porta pallet sistema estremamente versatile grazie agli optional per rispondere a qualsiasi esigenza e necessità logistica


Pallet racking is an extremely versatile system thanks to the countless options that allow it to meet any need.

SACMA offers various pallet carrier solutions which vary according to the logistical needs of the Customers. From satellite to drive-in, from traditional to compactable pallet racks, SACMA structures are the result of the evolution of years of internal and external experience and research thanks to collaborations with major Italian and European universities.



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We have won the trust of many important companies by designing innovative, efficient and customized solutions for them. Find out what we have done for them.