Certifications and company homologations of the products 

iso  9001:2015 certification

"CISI Quality & Safety" mark

Public Works Ministry document

iso 14001:2015 certification

iso 3834-2 certification (EWF)

iso 3834-2 certification (IIW)

en 1090-1 certification

uni en 15512 certification

We operate personally during all phases.
This is why the quality of our products is in continuous growth.

All of the procedures and operative formalities, with ISO 9001 certification, are always aimed at guaranteeing the qualitative level of the finished product, as required by the CISI trademark, and rigorously controlled by the Association of Italian Steel Builders, Industrial Storage System Sectors.
In order to give this guarantee we handle every operative phase at what is certainly a higher level than the minimum required. It is for this reason that the actual quality is constantly increasing.
It is also growing thanks to the research and development of products, to new methods of calculation and design, to new productive technology and to new methods of installation and testing.
But the quality is continuing to increase above all because we know how to locate the critical points at every phase beforehand.
We could give you a guarantee for every operative phase but we are sure that you have already understood that with Sacma your new warehouse will certainly be.....a safe practical system.

ISO 9001

MS Certification Europe s.r.l. has certified that the Sacma Quality System conforms to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

ISO 14001

MS Certification Europe s.r.l. has certified that Sacma Environmental Management System conforms to UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 norm.

ISO 3834-2

The Italian Institute of Welding has certified that Sacma welding process is qualified according to UNI EN ISO 3834-2 norm.

EN 1090-1

SACMA's production system conforms to UNI EN 1090-1 (components CE marking).

UNI EN 15512

The pallet-racks SACMA conform to UNI EN 15512 norm.


The ASSOCIATION of BUILDERS of ITALIAN STEEL (ACAI), INDUSTRIAL STORAGE SYSTEMS Sector, has conferred SACMA with the trademark of CISI products, which certifies the Quality and Safety of the Product.
In fact the CISI Quality/Safety trademark is a guarantee for the buyer of receiving a product that is:
  • safe and in conformity to safety and accident prevention regulations according to legislation (T.U. 81/08, D.Lgs. 106/09, …);
  • manufactured using certified raw materials;
  • planned in conformity to Italian and European regulations.
The Central Technical Service of the superior Council of Public Works, in conformity to ministerial decree D.M. 14/1/2008 "Technical Construction Norms", has granted Sacma a certificate guaranteeing the necessary required documentation according to legislation for the processing of steel for use in the production of structural steel works.

University of Trento - Department of structural engineering

Bending tests on beam-to-column joints and stub-column tests; experimental determination of effective characteristics; tests conforming to the EN 15512 standard.

Polytechnic Institute of Milan - Department of structural engineering

Oligocyclic fatigue test on beam-to-column joints.

National Technical University of Athens

Dynamic full scale tests of the Sacma structures on a shaking table by the Association of Builders of Italian Steel (Acai) - Industrial Storage System Sector.
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